Thursday, 12 July 2018

judicial advocacy

For those of us playing along but liable to fall for the prat-falls of distraction and chaos in civil affairs Fresh Air steps in once again with a helpful synopsis and discussion of those events of greater gravity that may have gotten buried by design or apathy with the Trump regime’s work-around to its poor and stymied legislative track-record by bolstering the influence and power of the judicial branch (a kritarchy in the making) with a sort of gerrymandering that makes the law-givers more supportive of the triumvirate’s executive’s agenda.
Trump’s handlers have discovered a means to short-circuit the democratic process and duly expressed mandates of society by installing judges whose conservative interpretation of the law and the US constitution leaves few matters untouched ironically by the guarantees of freedom from compulsion and coercion. Landmark rulings of this past session have—like the perversion of corporate personhood—have twisted the intent of the protections of the First Amendment to broaden its coverage to the extent that even safety regulations become an imposition and grievous infringement, affecting the standard of American exports and in general its considerable largess oblige. While I can patently say that such interpretations are abusive, it’s also fair to say that voters are responsible for not having done a better job in protecting and cherishing democracy’s norms and institutions—especially for suffering fools such as these. Being a participant on the world’s stage is not being a dues-paying member of some exclusive country-club.