Saturday, 28 July 2018

iot or dressed to the nines

Via Marginal Revolution, we’re given a not too nice taste of things to come in the form of a line of apparel that’s basically window-dressing for a brand loyalty programme—embedded chips that connect via Bluetooth to one’s digital devices monitor how often and where one goes with the clothes and accessories on.
People who buy the jeans, hoodies and fanny packs are incentivised to submit to tracking through an augmented reality experience, like past games, that allows participants to earn virtual tokens that somehow translate into discounts for more of this clothing brand and exclusive invitations to branded fashion shows, which strikes me as a little nauseating already. What do you think? The Internet of Things certainly has the potential to be innovative and help us make informed decisions about the use of finite resources, time and attention but this gimmick doesn’t seem to be leading us down the right path and I fear that there’s too much temptation to harness the vulnerable and tawdry (we’ve seen a lot of examples) rather than align with what’s truly smart.