Saturday, 16 June 2018

black hole sun

Using a super computer to model a complex and exotic star system, Universe Today reports, a physics professor worked out a theoretical arrangement wherein that a modestly-sized black hole could be the centre holding in stable orbit nine sustaining Sun-like stars with upwards of five hundred planets (plus their own satellites), a good portion of them under conditions (experimentally) suited for life.
Calculations demonstrate that such a fantastic solar system could exist—or various permutations thereof including a sufficiently advanced civilisation that could engineer such compact and neighbourly systems and tow them around the Universe—and that denizens of those places would experience frequent close-encounters with other worlds and see their skies (inexplicably to them or perhaps scientifically grasped) periodically distorted, objects gravitational lensed by the marauding black hole (which surely informs its own mysterious mythology as well) that groups them all together.