Tuesday, 5 June 2018

auรŸenpolitische beziehungen

Stoking further incredulity by granting an interview to a far-right news outlet and expressing rather undiplomatically his ambitions to empower conservatives across Europe and the announcement inviting the conservative Austrian prime-minster for a luncheon, there are increasingly vocal calls for the expulsion of the newly-credentialed US ambassador to Germany.
Describing such outreach and partisanship as further undermining already strained trans-Atlantic relationship, Germany knows that harbouring such political sentiments would not be tolerated in Washington and should neither be suffered kindly in Berlin. Embassies are diplomatic missions, whereas consulates—in the traditional sense, were outposts to promote the sending country’s business interests and while consular services have become an extension of the diplomatic mission itself, corporate and ideological concerns were generally kept at a distance from statecraft. Now compromise and conciliation have been removed briskly from the hands of master negotiators and deal-makers and thrust into the hamfisted realm of senseless and destructive barriers to trade—to which the rest of the world is responding with targeted, retaliatory tariffs that are designed to punish constituencies allied with the Trump regime, possibly influencing the course of elections over jobs-security.