Thursday, 17 May 2018


Wanting to establish Nintendo reputation in the arcade—its first games flattering in popularity compared to rival Atari—the original concept for Donkey Kong was to feature Popeye, Olive Oyl and Bluto as an ensemble of characters.
The legendary video game engineer Shigeru Miyamoto, however, was not able to obtain the rights to these characters (until the following year—that is, and released a forgettable title based on the sailor man) so designed a world with an unnamed protagonist whose mission was to rescue Lady (later to be called Pauline) from a brute ape. Referred to as Jumpman in the instruction booklet and styled Mister Video by Miyamoto himself with the idea he would be a reoccurring character across all games, the character was limned out with a family and profession for his next appearance in Mario Bros., being the namesake of Mario Segale, the real estate developer that owned the warehouse where Nintendo had set up its US division. After a heated exchange between the company’s executives and the landlord over being behind on rent, game developers opted to name the character after him with assurances that they would be caught up on payments soon.