Sunday 8 April 2018

on all the things

In the same distracting, side-lining class of other properties in the pantheon of therapeutic diversion, we’re introduced to gallery of particularly resonant animations of a particular genre called Tokugifs—also at Tumblr, should one prefer but that blog seems not updated recently—whose name is short for the term Tokusatsu (特撮 or special-effects) that refers to the combination of live-action with computer-generated or hand-animated segments.
Featured quite often on PfRC without realizing there was a special name reserved for them, tokusatsu examples are kaiju classics, superhero cartoons and the giant robot trope—among others. One of the genre’s chief hallmarks and probably constituting a whole sub-culture of its own is found in suitmation (スーツメーション) technology. Check out the links up top and treat yourself to a cavalcade of delights that it will be hard to escape from.