Wednesday, 24 January 2018


I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that some of the traffic to PfRC is robot-driven, like everywhere else—especially since prostituting my posts on social media—but part of the appeal of blogging for me was being privy to the analytics and demographics (which are carefully guarded trade-secrets on any other platform) and finding out what accidental, organic readership was curious about and what might have brought them here.
The top search key words of all time remain things like “knecht rupert” (the name for the Simpsons’ dog Santa’s Little Helper in the German Sprachraum or “satanic symbols” but narrowing the window to any lesser period of time just yield these bizarre three character alpha-numeric strings, like those spooky, inscrutable numbers stations. Is anyone else receiving these transmissions? If it is just random noise, I hope it doesn’t continue to out shout human inquisitiveness.