Sunday, 17 December 2017

pass the dutchie on the left hand side

The Oxford English Dictionary’s choice for word of the year, youthquake, is drawing a lot of criticism that the institution is stodgy and out of touch but we’ll stick our necks out for them, begging off that all the good alternatives, like post-truth and fake news (recall when that was relegated to waiting on queue at the supermarket checkout and it was just parsed in guilty glances?), were already taken and it’s also not as if academia could outright bemoan the prevailing belief that Millenials Ruin Everything.
Even though a “political awakening” is cited with young people engaged and voting en masse for Labour, we wonder if it’s not code somehow for negative quavering—hyper-sensitivity, safe-spaces, censorship from unexpected places, trigger-terminology and the accretion of accommodation and entitlement. The runners-up were focused on similar ideas and the board took longer than usual in announcing their picks.  If it were indeed unironic, I would find that even more disturbing. What do you think? Is this the OED’s way of trolling? If there is a coming of age to be reckoned with, it does not seem like there’s to be a peaceful transition of power from one generation to the next, just as our own éminence grises struggle to retain their hold.