Saturday, 21 October 2017

visual evoked potential

Accomplished artist Laurence Aëgerter, who lives and works between Marseilles and Amsterdam, has with the help of neuroscience and a gerontologist curated five volumes of disparate, gently jarring pairs of images meant to stimulate the minds of dementia patients.
Aëgerter calls her therapy Photographic Treatment and hopes that inviting caregivers and residents to look over these photobooks together might solicit engagement and creative thinking whereas other activities might come across as off-putting or cause feelings of embarrassment or frustration. Some institutions in the Netherlands are already employing Aëgerter’s technique and importantly paying more heed (in matters as simple as changing the wall decorations) to other opportunities to capitalise on the power of images. Be sure to visit Hyperallergic at the link above to see a gallery of the images and to learn more.