Saturday, 2 September 2017

name and shame

In this dystopic reality-show reality that we’re living in, Dear Leader has named four finalists in his competition to safeguard America’s southern frontier which will construct a test-length of barrier outside of San Diego for trials that will evaluate how effective the respective firms’ designs are in combating scaling and tunnelling underneath—which walls seem quite vulnerable to.
The House of Congress, despite Dear Leader’s assurances that Mexico would pay for the wall, pledged about a tenth of the estimated cost of the massive project but the Senate has yet to make the same concession—to which Dear Leader has threatened to shut down the government should his project not receive funding. While the legislature is generally not cowed into submission by Dear Leader’s rather empty threats (he vowed to take away Senators’ health care if they didn’t strike down Obama-Care but has yet to make good on that promise), I except that funding for his precious wall to be conflated with much needed relief for rebuilding places in Texas and Louisiana devastated by a hurricane and subsequent flooding—a despicable thing to bundle to the nihilistic priorities of pandering up with America’s heritage of immigration and openness. Though finalists, the construction firms only represent the best in one class—namely, concrete deterrence—given that the Customs and Border Protection agency will be making nominations for another category within the week—non-concrete deterrence, which includes entrants for hammocks, gravestones and a utopic terra nullius.