Tuesday, 1 August 2017

probationary period or modern day presidential

Though no administration is free of palace intrigues and in-fighting, we don’t believe that America has ever suffered the likes of the court of Dear Leader—especially considering how the Republican party ostensibly holds nominal control of both houses of the US congress and White House but can only boast the passing of one major piece of legislation:
maintaining punitive sanctions against Russia paradoxically for its role in helping Dear Leader. Perhaps the histrionics of the moment are just that—not to accord these times and such deportment as anything approaching normal and not retrograde, and just a periodic aberration—it is notable nonetheless that creatures of the court can elicit some sympathy in the eyes of the public for their ordeals because of the fact they are working (or rather maneuvering since nothing beneficial is getting accomplished) in such a toxic environment and for such a garbage boss.  Their fate, however, is deserved for allying with Dear Leader not with the intent to work to preserve the dignity of the office that serves at the will and pleasure of the people but rather to enrich their own self-interests.