Tuesday, 25 July 2017


From the stacks of Public Domain Review, we are presented with an English translation of an 1812 illustrated treatise from church author and philanthropist Johannes Evangelista Goßner called Geistlicher Sitten-Spiegel (the Spiritual Mirror of Morality) that was probably derived from earlier Enlightenment works and was given the explanatory subtitle for export audiences The Heart of Man: Either a Temple of God, or a Habitation of Satan: Represented in Ten Emblematical Figures, Calculated to Awaken and Promote a Christian Disposition. Goßner was a reformed minister at a Berlin simultaneum, a shared sacred building where different denominations worshipped, albeit with separate clergy at different times. The administration of such congregations is known as status quo. The guide’s graphical representation is pretty striking with its incrementally increasing facial grief-scale and recalls (or rather previsions) to me the stylings of Edward Gorey and offers explanations of much of the iconography.