Monday, 31 July 2017


Back in 2013, professor and biophysicist Jeremy England stirred some controversy with the theory that life is not some happy accident of biology or necessarily the collusion or just the right conditions but rather the natural conclusion of the laws of thermodynamics.
As organised and coherent as life is in comparison to the chaos surrounding it, living things are also the most efficient vehicle, according to Professor England’s on going models, to increase the level of disorder—that desired state of entropy. It is still very much a chicken-or-egg question and I am sure many physicists would be inimical to the suggestion that the follies of biology are the inevitable, highest expression of the rules of physics—rather than just bound by them and the theory does hold that the outcome is universal nor a forgone guarantee but it is something to ponder that the Cosmos might entertain such emergent fine-tuning and flagrancies to conserve energy.