Wednesday, 28 June 2017

ehe für alle

In more positive parliamentary news, according to the chairwoman of the junior coalition partner of the Green party, the Bundestag will vote on legislation on Friday to legalise same-sex marriage, bestowing all the benefits and responsibilities appertaining to on all couples.
The Chancellor was formerly against full integration, believing such households might not be ideal for children—but changed her mind after meeting a lesbian couple who had cared for eight foster children. Opposition and conservative members of her party are upset with her timing, just weeks before an election—but hopefully a political calculation erring towards inclusion is the right decision. Germany’s Basic Law, which is a little tone-deaf and does not do such a stellar job in addressing social conventions and families (there is no German word for parent—it’s always die Eltern and the formulation Alleinerziehender is a complex one), may also need to amended so its definition of marriage is worded broadly enough to match the law of the land.