Tuesday, 13 June 2017

#c0ffee is the colour

The other day, I was wondering what my mobile phone number might spell out—recalling when catchy eight hundred numbers were hot-properties—and being disappointed that there was no encoded, memorable message to be teased out of that string of numbers.
Even when aided by an “algorithm” that surely sells the contact information to marketers of those foolish enough to offer it up, there was nothing to be found. Undaunted and in a similar vein, Waxy brings us a project that parsed an English lexicon to determine what words might be translated into valid hexadecimal, web colours—those marked with a number sign on a cascading style sheet (CSS). Turning letter o’s into zeroes and ones into i’s and s’s to fives, etc. our vocabulary palette is much expanded but even dialling back the interpretation to a stricter setting still returns quite a spectrum. As the hues are defined as either three or six letters in length and the base-16 system only goes up to number F, covefe is unfortunately out of bounds.