Wednesday, 3 May 2017

holy rollers

Remember when we had the chance to organise and launch a meaningful and effective protest against tyrants and eroding liberties? I do—because that was four blessed months ago. There were concerted efforts in the States to block efforts of the tele-communications industry to eviscerate internet-neutrality and we could rally against overt and covert discrimination but now (and both under the aegis of ‘freedom’) and surely by design there’s little time to mobilise.
Dear Leader is to capitalise of the fervour of his base of supporters to undo a raft of civil rights and a half century of progress in America—that was once a model, however imperfect, for the world to aspire to—and, informed by his viceroy’s convictions and unpopular experiment, is to deliver via Imperial Decree Executive Order that would allow companies to take exception with their customers and employees should their lifestyle—or reproductive choices—present a personal ethical challenge. Religion ought not to be hijacked for such ends, and don’t dare conflate it with Sharia law and those roving bands that check for compliance under threat of severe punishment, because in the eyes of Dear Leader Islam is an ideology and not a matter of faith and therefore not deserving of the protection of the law.