Thursday, 6 April 2017

well played, democrats or meals and incidentals

As an official inquiry into the costs of the flying circus that is Dear Leader’s insistence on receiving dignitaries at his southern White House franchise and being a geographical bachelor (apparently, but at least Number One Daughter is close at hand) is being conducted, a committee of concerned congress members have been a bit more creative in naming their legislation than what’s been trialled of late.
“Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness” Act forms the initialism MAR-A-LAGO. It makes me think of that anecdote that Anthony Bouvier told Suzanne Sugarbaker about the domestic helper that introduced himself to the family that he served with his name but added that they could refer to him “by my initials.” Among other things, the act would require that Dear Leader’s regime to disclose the names not only of those who have access him and his viceroy in Washington—where there’s a visitors’ log, but also at his various properties, where there’s currently no accountability. Dear Leader surely prefers it that way and would like to keep conducting official business way beyond the Beltway.