Saturday, 1 April 2017

geosynchronous or keeping up appearances

After the success of the Rosetta mission which saw a space probe land rough-shod on a comet and with planned excursion to forcibly place an asteroid in orbit around the Moon, it seems that the next logical step is to tether an upside-down skyscraper to a captured satellite and have it sweep out an orbit just above the skyline of a terrestrial metropolis.
Maybe these stalactites might counter the race to be the tallest among the stalagmites.  The Analemma Tower, which takes its name from the phenomena responsible for the Sun’s apparent progression across the sky, seems like an unattainable goal, a project that seems very pie-in-the-sky and will never be realised but it’s these sort of radical departures that really drive progress and deliver those long-promised realities like flying-cars and the space-elevator.