Monday, 24 April 2017

flotus and flotsam

Unlike her husband’s social media leavings, Dear Leader’s wife and geographical bachelorette has not shared mountains of likes and preferences for the public to shift through and speculate on.
What few photographs out there that the titular first lady appears to have taken herself—and for herself, as Kate Imbach discovers through her meta-analysis of the only unguarded, unmediated insight into her subject’s life, reveal volumes about her personality and outlook. What do you think? By refusing a public-role, is her private life out of bounds? First spotted by Hyperallergic, I’m not certain that such a condition ought to be qualified as Stockholm Syndrome if one was always a fervent adherent and a willing captive, and the characterisation of a Rapunzel without the prince charming nor the long braids seems rather pitch-perfect. There’s only the isolation of the Tower, and she seems to prefer it that way—even holiday photos gloomy, double-paned and snapped from the safety of a passing car.