Wednesday, 8 March 2017

stay bronze pony boy or the telescreens have no off switch

Originally the missions of consulates and embassies were distinct—the consuls not simply being an outpost of the chief ambassador, but while the embassy represented the foreign-relations interests of the sending and the host nations, consulates were established in order to champion the business and economic interest of their credentialing nation-state.
Arguably there’s been quite a bit of mission-creep and the institutions have taken on overlapping roles—and fighting for the interest of domestic businesses abroad might ought not to be held to the same standards which govern diplomacy. I’ve only chanced to be in depths of the compound in Frankfurt once and could well imagine what activities might be carried-out in those labyrinthine, subterranean corridors. According to the latest tranche of documents released by Wikileaks, the US Central Intelligence Agency used the facility as a base of operations for surveillance and subterfuge for all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (DE/EN). It’s not as if we hadn’t been warned multiple times before, and these revelations about the spy-base plus the UK’s collusion were among the few concrete details (also demonstrating that Russian hackers didn’t have a monopoly on silly code-names with Brutal Kangaroo, malware hiding in digital images, or Weeping Angel, fake off buttons on snooping gadgets) in page after page of tools for prising vulnerabilities and making sure those wounds are kept open once on the open market and certainly would confer economic advantages.