Friday, 24 March 2017

haute clôture

The US Senate voted to grant domestic internet service providers full access to the browsing history and thus the habits, health and well-being of its customers and sell that data to the highest bidder—all without the consent of the user.
Lawmakers opposed to the bill are rebranding the initialism ISP as “information sold for profit” or “invading subscribers’ privacy” and it is really chilling to think what sort of trails of bread-crumbs we leave behind that makes judgment rather than justice swift and instant. Companies beholden to no regulation and with no consequence for spillage, mischaracterisation that could deny an individual a job or a loan, would horde vast amounts of data for actuarial purposes and targeted advertising. The bill is not yet become law but we’re not expecting the opposition to prevail—but perhaps the new policy of containment can confine it to the USA.