Thursday, 23 March 2017


What is even more remarkable than the dread phenomenon that is Dear Leader and his goon-squad and the spinelessness of fellow party members in the legislature is his media presence that’s beholden to no one and certainly not to the law of the land or to even factual events.
And while this behaviour and deportment will never be normalised no matter how it might be ground into our faces by jack-booted thugs or by more troublesome, subtler methods (like the nudges and cues that resulted in Dear Leader’s miscalculated triumph), it’s absolutely unbelievable how whatever the latest paroxysm is, it’s always on-message. However detached from reality or counter-factual it is, in the unmediated moment, it is Dear Leader’s account that lingers even if wholly refuted by other media sources—whom Dear Leader dismisses as “the enemy of the American people.”