Sunday, 19 February 2017

guerra mundial

Via the always interesting Everlasting Blรถrt comes the forgotten World War II artwork of Mexican anti-Axis Propaganda.
Though Mexicoสผs involvement in the war was a relatively brief one prompted in 1942 after a Nazi submarine attacked one of Mexicoสผs oil platforms and later dispatched fighter-jet pilots to the Philippines (I was pretty impressed to learn about the Aztec Eagles) the feelings portrayed in the poster were genuine due to having been betrayed and made the object of revile and suspicion beforehand by Germany. The so-called Zimmermann Telegraph was a leaked communique between the German consul and the government of Mexico that proposed an alliance between the two countries should the US decide to intervene in World War I, with the promise to help Mexico to reclaim territory in Texas, Arizona and New Mexico that the US annexed. America launched a punishing raid on Mexico in retaliation and harboured suspicions afterwards, even though it was unclear what Mexico thought of this arrangement.