Tuesday, 24 January 2017

emoluments or tldr;

Although the president of the United States is exempt to an extent to the conflict of interest clauses that most other public officials are beholden to, the president cannot recluse himself and declare himself to be above the law and de facto de-conflicted.
It’s important and not something to just roll over for and submit to as part of the new normal or alternative truths because there’s significantly more invested in Dear Leader’s failure to divest himself of his business operations than him merely enriching his own coffers through rank-hypocrisy. Limiting my points to just a pair as this is obviously a difficult concept to grasp, firstly such a branding properties, both foreign and domestic, with the presidential label is a taunt to terrorists and thus commits all of America fiduciarily and militarily, not mentioning how it puts all tenants and guests at risk. Secondly, inasmuch as some find a target for destruction in this product line, visiting and lingering and loitering dignitaries find something to patronise and will gravitate out of obsequiousness or corporate patriotism or defeatism, others find something to patronise—and that invites lawsuit on the part of competitors side-lined because of accorded prestige. In other words, any other hotel within the beltway and beyond is at a serious disadvantage when comes to hostelling anyone. That’s not only a disservice to those expected to pony up immediately but also for the tax-paying population entire. Multi-tasking ought to have never been romanticised and these are not responsibilities that one can juggle.  With those sorts of distractions weighing heavily on one’s mind, how could one be expected to run the country?