Monday, 30 January 2017

designated survivor

Not that we’ve seen any evidence that this regime has a modicum of respect for protocol or slow governance, perhaps the first order of business ought to be amending the twenty-fifth amendment of the US constitution to change the presidential line of succession to something more aligned with taking the keys away from Peepaw (that’s ever an unenviable task), since as it currently stands, it’s really some awful Hydra in the making.
In descending order of this American carnage goes first to vice-president, then the presiding officer of the house of congress, next to the second in charge of the senate (as the vice-president is the highest ranking) who is by tradition the most senior elected official of the ruling party, and then, should no one be willing to handle that political hot potato, it falls to members of the cabinet in order of the creation of the office, with Secretary of State being the most venerable and Homeland Security the least tenured posting. The precedence is established in the US constitution but was really defined and codified by the twenty-fifth amendment ratified in 1965, responding to the assassination of JFK but grounded in the incapacitation of Woodrow Wilson in 1919 (a stroke caused by the strain of a combination of arguing for the Treaty Versailles and women’s suffrage and advocating against prohibition) that was covered up by her first ladyship Edith Wilson who was making the executive decisions on his behalf for two years.