Saturday, 5 November 2016

the fourth estate or deplorable me

Budding entrepreneurs in one particularly enterprising digital corridor of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia could be said to be influencing political sentiment in America as much as much or more than any coordinated hacking attack by capitalising on a business-model that is very much the Frankenstein’s monster of social media, albeit not in a way that is quite so sensation nor begging of response in kind.

Having abandoned positive articles in favour of the candidate Bernie Sanders for propaganda having to do with the last contenders remaining—especially what’s been found more profitable and proliferate in undermining the competition, several score Macedonian webmasters have taken to generating content that recursively perpetuates whatever misinformation that the internet sustains and catering to the partisan who long for nothing more than conformation-bias. That social media sites are pledging to filter out the catch-penny content that they’ve encouraged and depend on is irony enough, but it seems all the more just in a way in the context of so many Albanians and their compatriots being duped by Nigerian princes and other schemes when the internet first came into being. What do you think? Our economic-models are already based to a great extent on flattery, but how does that become more or less incorrigible when planted directly in unchallenged echo-chambers?