Monday, 24 October 2016


The excellent Neurocritic presents an updated and comprehensive survey of some really interesting, current independent blogs on the matters of psychiatry, psychology and the mind.
Although it’s more likely for algorithms to be the topic of conversation, we humans still do retain a skill-set, a problem-solving paradigm that can be mimicked but not wholly imparted since it’s not fully reducible to data or what’s trending: heuristics mean hunting around for a solution, experimenting and being dogmatic and intuitive when perfect, ideal results aren’t forthcoming. This is a very different strategy from the way machines think and as much and so long as computers may care to parse nuanced decision-making (the need to be convincing to a human audience would seem to have a limit that’s within reach and there’s no more need for pretending) and possibly, practically the one abiding mystery that human behaviour could secret away. This is the stuff of neuroscience. Browse through the different feeds and I’ll vouch for certain that you’ll find something to pique your interests.