Saturday 9 July 2016

a brief history of injunctions

Though such examples of true and unabashed stalking are no laughing matter and to be alive at the same time as great thinkers is an enormous privilege, it did make me giggle to read Bob Canada’s sobering indictment and predictions of recidivism for the American woman resident in Norway recently sentenced and served a restraining order for her harassing but contradictory claims of being enamoured and concurrently wanting to kill Professor Stephen Hawking—plus her characterisation as the world’s laziest psychopath. Apprehended whilst shadowing the physicist during a conference in Tenerife, the woman alternately professed her love (perhaps a honey-trap) for Hawking and her grave displeasure with him for disproving God. Regarding the later, I can’t recall Hawking proving or even attempting to demonstrate that he was capable of such a thing.