Sunday, 26 June 2016

secession sessions

Though, as has been proposed for California, Texas can choose to break itself up into five smaller states—for better regional governance, but cannot—peacefully at least—secede from the rest of the US. The UK’s voicing its intent to divest itself of European Union membership has resulted, however, in encouraging secessionist groups the world around—even before the the buyers’ bregret might sink in, including a very vocal camp deep in the heart of Texas.
While Texit may seem a little too obvious and perhaps movements will rally around hashtags instead of the other way around, apparently fully one quarter of the American population would not be opposed to their state of residence going it alone, although most of this silent minority is admittedly not actively pursuing the matter. What do you think? Do you support your friendly neighbourhood partitioners? Maybe Britain’s lesson will caution us to be carefully what we wish for and maybe love our umbrella institutions enough to make them reform, lest we not only be let go but rather expelled with prejudice.