Tuesday, 21 June 2016

saga eða von og von brigði

Combining the finest traditions of epic, slow television and the road-trip, Reykjavík based post-progressive rock band Sigur Rós is making a circuit of the entire island nation in order to compose and document a soundtrack that’s generated, through specialised software with a commanding and adaptive perspective on the band’s style, by their ramblings around Iceland.  No one quite knows how this soundscape will turn out, much like any prolonged tour returning the unexpected, and will be used to open a music festival later this summer. I wonder if this experiential aspect for incidental music, machines inspired by nature or the draw of the road, is going to take off. Von (hope) was the band’s first album and while vonbrigði means disillusion “von brigði” means, as double-entendre, variations on Hope. Visit the link above to see the whole saga with musical accompaniment.