Tuesday, 28 June 2016

invisible touch

After somewhat of a hiatus, I learned recently that the dangerously fascinating National Public Radio series Invisibilia is back on the air with a new season and more intriguing stories about the invisible forces (and those who hold truck in them) that rule our lives and mold our perceptions.
I did enjoy reading the shows transcripts from time to time, but besotted as I am with my fine constellation of BBC Radio 4 podcasts (just listening to my stories), it did not occur to me that NPR might be served up in the same format. Be sure to check it out and ponder some intriguing and provocative profiles that very nicely compliments their cousins across the Drink. Closing every episode with a dance-party is all the more reason to tune in: she’s got something you just can’t trust, and it’s something mysterious and now it seems I’m falling for her, falling for her…