Thursday, 2 June 2016

all your likes are belong to us

Via Vice magazine, we learn it is now possible to surrender one’s social mediators and online presence over to a robot. With the human as the backseat-driver, an Autonomous Self-Agent performs the pruning and gardening and weeding—all those administrative chores that have become a long row to hoe and quite a time-consuming task to stay current and relevant.
What do you think? Would you trust a robot to represent you online and keep up appearances and not do anything embarrassing or untoward or become radicalised? I am unsure about the compulsion to publish or perish that kind of drains away the fun and surprise, but I imagine it might be all the more frightening to find that one’s autonomous assistant might come across as indistinguishable from the real thing rather than any amount of faux pas or social blunder that one might have to apologise for later on.