Monday, 11 April 2016

blimey or yet another hierarchically organised oracle

Happy Mutant Rob Beschizza relays the news that the venerable but faded internet pioneer Yahoo! (the backronym above) is being courted by the UK’s broadsheet, the Daily Mail.
At first, I felt the perennial (or ephemeral) disparagement that I always put off having held the same email address the past two decades.  I admit I’m a little protective of my virtual address, although I am recognising that the two tabloids probably are very deserving of one another, running the same sensational, catch-penny content and attendant sponsored content. In the end, the change in management, if it comes through, probably won’t signal a change in mentality that has not already been slipping for some time. What do you think? One ought not expect rewards for loyalty—and lethargy in not wanting the inconvenience is surely its own, but the steadfast have been receiving less and less in return.