Wednesday 23 March 2016

brigadoon or memory and function (and memory)

All of Collectors’ Weekly show-and-tell sessions are highly recommended reading but I am really intrigued by this new take on nostalgia with a visit to the dystopian town of Scarfolk condemned to cycle forever through the decade of the 1970s, accompanied by council chair himself, Richard Littler.
With a truly twisted but inspired imagination, Littler has crafted endless ephemera and paraphernalia that could pass as authentic vintage posters and pamphlets, drawing on faded memories of growing up. Not that the artist had a traumatic childhood under the cynical, totalitarian regime he showcases, Littler, like us all, is able to distil those odd, incongruous moments—like the very special episodes when parental-guidance was suggested or the peculiar repertory of songs we sang in elementary school music class: Don Gato to be followed by a little number called If I had a Hammer—calling the practise proto-hauntology. Visit Collectors’ Weekly for the full interview and a curated gallery of Scarfolk’s artefacts.