Monday, 2 March 2015

posh frock or privileged witness

I don’t really know the context behind this upwelling of interest and controversy over that dress, but it’s really becoming a fascinating and unexpected vulnerability in the armour of perceptions. Firstly, it is pretty remarkable that a precedent hastag, as sort of an apotheosis to an asterisk or a dagger signaling a footnote, has come to indicate a whole on going and evolving conversation, whereas what’s denoted with a marginalia is just a postscript at best, though mostly just a sort of disclaimer. That single symbol can embrace worlds, it seems.
Secondly, and a lot of very clever people have been forthcoming with expert testimony on this phenomenon, it illustrates that although we intuit the tasteless and tawdry and wrong-headed and artless in others readily and have advanced aesthetics a great deal, we are woefully unsophisticated and take for granted that others might perceive the fundamental elements of reality in a different manner than we. Though we can imagine a fly perspective on things or remark on the Japanese distinction of colouration or laugh at the misheard renditions of others, we cannot really experience the world as it is through the eyes of others nor have the vocabulary to articulate how markedly or subtly different things are. I say it’s tangy and blorange, that dress.