Wednesday, 5 February 2014

monumenta germaniae historica

Coinciding with the star-studded premiere of the feature film on this courageous profiles in conservatorship, the Smithsonian is exhibiting many photographs and artefacts from its archives to enhance the portrayal of the so-called “Monuments Men.”

Those under siege, historians, connoiseuirs, academics as well as the generals storming Europe realised what defining treasures were at risk, not only through plunder but as collateral damage. Just before the D-Day (Operation Overlord) invasion, Eisenhower, among others, personally charged each commander with the responsibility of protecting and respecting the monuments that they would encounter—irreplaceable and important representatives of the what they are struggling to save. War leaves its physical scars and there are many restoration projects to this day, but just imagine what sort gaps in the skyline or in the galleries there would be without the work of this corps.