Thursday, 20 September 2012

slide rule

The idea of pairing wines with certain dishes was only elevated to an art practiced by sommeliers in very recent times. The institution of wine at meal times was a given, traditionally, and naturally complimented whatever regional fare was eaten, since generally only locally produced wine was available. The matching grew out of traditional cuisine as choices expanded with trade.
And while not an exact science and one’s own palette trumps any guide, it is interesting to think on the pairings and contrasting notes of introducing new food and drink to the table, not to mention classic varieties grown in new environments. That particular old world wine above is called forgotten hill, I think, but probably in the sense of reserved for a special harvest and not a mysterious and foreboding vineyard. I liked a simple guide that was put near the wine rack in our company store and made an adapted reference from a few sources and our own experiences (mine being a limited not eating meat, but it is funny to notice how in the field and in the mud, the animal is an old Germanic-sounding cow or swine but on the dinner plate, it is a fancy francophone beef or pork), though nothing ever comes out terribly, like toothpaste and orange juice, and it’s an unpursued challenge to find a taste that really clashes.  This periodic table of wines is tee-tiny and compact but you can click to enlarge.  Additionally, it is by no means complete, but maybe some clever viniculturists can fill in the gaps.