Sunday, 20 November 2011

villa suburbana

Here is a stock bild (stock photo) of a Bildstock that I passed on one of my walks recently—it’s funny how one can find (real and not addle-brained) examples of inversions between German and English, like a Stillstand for a moratorium or a stand-still. These wayside shrines marking routes of pilgrimage are pretty common in this area, and I have always hoped to find a house with one of these on the property. H and I are continuing to look for a home of our own, off and on, and did recently visit this beautiful Italianate villa in a small town not far from Bad Karma that just came on the market.
Besides the awkward location that turned out to be a big disappointment in an overbuilt and crowded part of town and on a noisy thoroughfare (though I suppose one does get used to such things), it was really lovely and ideal.

The villa was called something like "Haus Kristal," in wrought-iron lettering, which I did not like so much, but I thought we could rename the property "Chez Roquefort." We’ll keep hunting and I bet we’ll find a place that causes no reservations of any sort.