Monday, 6 September 2010

freistoot boarn

H and I took out the Bulli Camper for maybe the last trip of the season and drove through the lush and scenic Bayerische Wald to the outer-most reaches of the Free State.  Along the way, we stopped at Walhalla, the hall of national heroes and cultural treasures.  King Ludwig who had this monument, a hall of busts of the greatest German contributers to the arts, science and state-craft, commissioned had a fondness for all things classically Greek and inserted the rather foreign Ypsilon into the German language--as in Bayern
The city of Passau, where three rivers coverge and the Danube rolls onward was our denoument, and we had a great long weekend and were lucky once again with the fair weather.  The natives were very friendly and distinctive--I was not quite able to name what it was that colored this region differently than our own part of Bavaria.
Returning, we stopped at the library cloister at Metten, whose golden archangel guarded the village.  I thought the statue looked rather robotic, like an avatar for Voltron, defender of the faith.