Wednesday, 31 March 2010

free-range or event-horizon

Enforcement of a recent decision to liberate the hens, banning the keeping of battery fowl, has meant that German is experiencing an Easter egg shortage that has caused the Easter Bunny and his accomplices to bring in imports.   The surplus eggs, I'm sure, are being supplied by strike-breakers still confined to cages, though.  The chickens should have unionized a long time ago.  The shortage did not stop H, however, from masterfully decorating the place for Easter.
In other developments, CERN's Large Hadron Collider (the German term for particle accelerator is Teilchen Abschleuniger, which is hard to puzzle out) is back on line and has crossed a new energetic record.  Power unleashed by the collisions approach conditions experienced during the Big Bang, and interestingly, the facility is also the coldest place in the universe: the magnetic coils are kept within a fraction of absolute zero in order to run effectively.  Researchers are underway to new discoveries about the cause of universal gravitation and supersymmetries.  Though the majority of the scientific community downplay or dismiss fears as unfounded, a vocal minority warns that these experiments could destroy the earth by creating mini-blackholes or anti-matter.  Angela Merkel, the Kanzlerin, has an advanced degree in Physics from the University of Leipzig, and I am sure would voice her warnings if she thought otherwise.  If she and others underestimated the consequences, I doubt an official apology would suffice.