smörgåsblog: sites we like

colossal | art + design

curious british telly

the daily dot | your internet.  your internet news

daily grail | exploring the fringes of science and history - caveat lector!

dangerous minds

deezen | architecture and art magazine

doctor caligari’s cabinet

the everlasting blört

the futility closet | an idler’s miscellany of compendious amusements

hyperallergic | sensitive to art and its discontents

just a car guy cool | things with wheels since 2006

kottke | home of fine hypertext products 

kuriositas | be in your element

laughing squid
the local | germany’s news in english plus other national editions


marginal revolution | small steps toward a much better world

married to the sea

medium | read, write and share stories that matter

mentalfloss | where knowledge junkies get their fix

messy nessy chic | cabinet of chic curiosities

mind hacks

miss cellania | what... you think this is funny? 

muckrock | file, track and share public records requests

mysterious universe

nag on the lake

nerds with knives | cooking and geekery in equal measure 

the neurocritic

the onion | america’s finest news source


the philosophers’ magazine

poseidon’s underword | pop culture and movie memories

the presurfer | your daily dose of diversion 

the public domain review

the redundant variety hour

the reykjavík grapevine

space weather
der spiegel international

spoon & tamago | japanese art, design and culture

strange company | a walk on the weird side of history

twisted sifter | art, architecture, travel and picture of the day 

tywkiwdbi | things you would not know if we did not blog intermittently 

universe today | space and astronomy news

the vault | historical treasures, oddities and delights 

the verge 

vice | original reporting and documentaries on everything that matters in the world