smörgåsblog: sites we like

colossal | art + design

coudal partners, curating the Museum of On-Line Museums

curbed | love where you live

the curious brain

curious british telly


damn interesting | science, history & psychology since 2005

dangerous minds

dark roasted blend | weird & wonderful things

deezen | architecture and art magazine

deutsche welle | mind for minds

doctor caligari’s cabinet

duck soup 

the everlasting blört

fancy notions | etiquette, superstition, ephemera

the futility closet | an idler’s miscellany of compendious amusements 

Seth Godin’s blog

grist | a planet that doesn’t burn, a future that doesn’t suck

hyperallergic | sensitive to art and its discontents

just a car guy | cool things with wheels since 2006

jwz blog

kicks condor | leeching and linking in the hypertext kingdom

austin kleon

kottke | home of fine hypertext products 

kuriositas | be in your element

laughing squid

literary hub | the best of the literary internet


lowering the bar | serious legal humour

the map room | a weblog about maps 

maps mania

marginal revolution | small steps toward a much better world

married to the sea

mcsweeney’s | internet tendency

memo of the air | Marco McClean’s Good Night Radio

messy nessy chic | cabinet of chic curiosities

mind hacks [archived]

miss cellania | what... you think this is funny? 

muckrock | file, track and share public records requests

my modern met | share | inspire | connect

mysterious universe

nag on the lake

naked capitalism | fearless commentary on finance, economics, politics and power 

nautilus | science connected

nerds with knives | cooking and geekery in equal measure 

the neurocritic 

the nib | political cartoons, journalism, essay and memoir all in comic form

the onion | america’s finest news source

open culture | the best free cultural & educational media on the web

OxfordWords Blog [re-branded as Lexico]


pasa bon!

the philosophers’ magazine

poseidon’s underword | pop culture and movie memories 

present /&/ correct | sundries for the modern workplace

the presurfer | your daily dose of diversion 

the public domain review

the reykjavík grapevine


sentence first | an Irishman’s blog about the English language

the new shelton wet/dry | what matter who is speaking

the sixth tone | fresh voices from today’s China 

slash dot | news for nerds, stuff that matters

space weather
der spiegel international

spoon & tamago | japanese art, design and culture

spyvibe | 1960s style in action

strange company | a walk on the weird side of history

tedium | the dull side of the internet 

things magazine

twisted sifter | art, architecture, travel and picture of the day

tywkiwdbi | things you would not know if we did not blog intermittently 

undark | truth, beauty, science

universe today | space and astronomy news

the verge 

our little travel blog [archived]

deco time [archived]