Tuesday, 30 June 2020

die erste internationale dada-messe

Lasting through the end of August, the first Dadaist art exhibition opened on this day in Berlin in 1920, the movement having originated four years earlier during the war with the establishment of a bar in Zรผrich called the Cabaret Voltaire—invoking the namesake’s view that society was a theatre of arrogance and error.
The original salon and adherents only lasted for six months but parallel associations and artists like Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp (alter-ego of Rrose Sรฉlavy) helped forward this approach to the discipline and practise which rejected sense and meaning and was a counterpoint to Expressionism—which espoused the global conflict as judgment from God and an earned punishment. Bertolt Brecht joined the Dadaist as they held a touring art fair through major German cities, the playwright styling himself as an engineer in line with the overarching idea that works of art weren’t more ingenious or inspired than technological creations and were amenable to fusion and recombination.