Wednesday, 27 May 2020

we can’t let a more sophisticated version of that happen again

Loath as we are to call any extra attention to Trump’s doltish antics that try to reel the world back into the idea of American exceptionalism or that humanity and its gracious hosts needs more of it—we’ve moved beyond the Anglo-Saxons in general as a matter of fact, his resurgent attack on the social media platform that is undeniably his bread-and-butter is a bit irresistible.
Cruelly appropriating the death of a reporter’s intern (at the same time disavowing that of one hundred thousand others) whom had soured on the former object of his admiration and cheerleading as leverage to discredit, his most diverse amplifier checked the veracity of his claims (plus his unfounded condemnation of mail-in ballots as voter fraud), wounding Trump’s notorious thin-skin and earning a punishing hiding from on high, citing how conservative viewpoints are silenced and threatening retribution. Let’s see how this one develops.  Close your account—that'll learn ‘em.