Wednesday, 5 February 2020

it was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternative

Calculated and scheduled surely by his minders as counter-programming to the outcome of the Iowa caucuses to diminish and attack his forerunning rival (though due to technical difficulties and a regrettable failure to scale, there was no clear winner and support has only been partially tallied) and on the eve of what's expected to be a hollow acquittal by his cowering party allies in the Senate, Trump’s dreadful and hopefully ultimate State of the Union address.

Nauseatingly what spare moments were not outright fabrications or empty platitudes were straight from a game show—Wheel of Fortune and not Jeopardy! and if the United States was as economically robust and security as Trump touts than there's surely enough to go around and provide affordable health care, education and meaningful employment for all and not just for consoling the few. The strength of the economy, what is attributable to Trump’s pandering decisions and crony-capitalism, comes at a very high cost to the poor, disadvantaged and to most of all the environment and our future well beyond US borders.