Wednesday, 29 May 2019


Taking a cue from the fracking and oil drilling industry could be the seismic and technological shift that helps the US and other power-intensive jurisdictions make the move to power sourced from wholly renewable and sustainable sources.
While solar and surplus storage (in batteries or as potential energy in gravity schemes) have been benefactors of public-attention, the same with electric vehicles over staid but practical public transportation, it’s been at the expense of geothermal engineering and exploration. Albeit the prospect of circulating plumbing through a field of hot springs for direct exchange is much more of a challenge than blasting enough water into the ground to force out a diminishing amount of shale and gas—poisoning our own wells in the process, considering how far the business was able to advance—transforming the US for instance from a consumer to a producer of petroleum, in the last decade does illustrate how sufficient motivation yoked to government support and regulation can send efforts—regarding cleaning up our acts—into overdrive.