Saturday, 20 October 2018

velocitร  astratta + rumore

Arguably best known for his 1912 painting Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash which encapsulates all of the elements of Futurism—depictions of light, movement and speed, we are introduced to the portfolio of artist and educator Giacomo Balla (*1871 - †1958) via the serendipitous and unexpected discovery of murals from the artist, conserved for decades behind wallpaper and drop-ceilings.
Commissioned to decorate the fashionable and up-and-coming jazz club Bal Tic Tac in Rome in 1921, Balla’s racing vision of things to come matched the experimental nature of the musical acts and were feared lost to the ages when the property became a bank and was repurposed. In the near future, the space will become an exhibit hall. Learn more at the local—Italy’s English language daily at the link above.