Wednesday, 6 December 2017

soldier of fortune

In order to fight the firmly entrenched agents of the “deep state,” conventional, bureaucratic government and further undermine the intelligence services of the US, apparently the Trump regime has approached the founder of a controversial mercenary outfit to explore subverting established protocols and procedures with a private spy network.
Those deemed not sufficiently loyal to the administration would be summarily outed and deposed. Though CIA spokespeople (under the leadership of another antithetical figure) vehemently deny the veracity of the claim, the company’s founder is already under investigation (after a fashion) for his willingness to be the architect behind a back-channel line of communication between the White House and Moscow and has been a go-between for foreign business deals. Familial connections to the regime, being the brother of the Secretary of Education and Ponzi-Scheme Heiress Betsy DeVos, probably also has its benefits—and liabilities.