Friday, 1 December 2017

pot to kettle or goldwater rule

Though giving free publicity to the crusade and culture war of Trump and his loyal supporters is always ill-advised and I think contributes to the divisiveness that these individuals thrive on, his latest twitter fugue is very hard to ignore—not that doing so is necessarily an endorsement or a pass and it seems that not acknowledging his antics make them go away. We can’t quite figure what set off this particularly awful conniption fit but it may be a combination of his uncharacteristic constraint in reacting to North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test or being chided by Democratic legislators who declined his invitation to huddle on tax policy by saying he ought to stop tweeting and start leading.

Not only did this children’s treasury of unhinged tantrums promote three Islamophobic videos of garbage provenance and when challenged by Theresa May (a bit milquetoasty as she ought to cancel his state visit and owes her candidacy in part to a voter-base that harbour the same sentiments) told her that she would do better to direct her attention to combating terrorism in the UK, Trump also rehashed some old, disproven conspiracy theories that I think were on the radar of no one and denying his own well-documented lifelong career as a sexual predator feted the downfall of another journalist. Facing the spectre of Brexit and desperately needing a favourable trade deal with America to stave off economic collapse, I suspect that May and company will not allow this disgusting outburst (which is only picking up momentum) to cast lasting, public aspersions, but Trump’s actions nonetheless strain the “special relationship” between the US and the UK and his amplification of hate and intolerance emboldens those extremists view and further divides communities and makes peaceful integration impossible—which of course is perfectly allied to his nihilistic agenda.