Saturday, 21 October 2017


It was fifty years ago today when Bill Greenshields was photographed at a protest rally against the war in Vietnam on the grounds of the Pentagon burning his draft card.
The identity of the picture taken is lost to history (Greenshields assumed it was an undercover intelligence agent trying to collect incriminating evidence on any and all of the demonstrators) but it somehow came into possession of anti-war and social justice activist Kiyoshi Kuromiya who, as Greenshields was amazed to see as he relates in an exclusive interview to Dangerous Minds a year later his image had become a counter-culture icon. The 1967 Washington protest march that Greenshields took part in also happened to be the one where Abbie Hoffman with the help of Allen Ginsberg led a chorus Tibetan chants to try to levitate the defense headquarters compound with positive psychic energy. Be sure to read the entire reminiscence and learn more at the link above.