Wednesday, 24 May 2017

pottersville or to the manor born

Via Waxy, we learn that much like the business model of American retail giants that wouldn’t have been able to destroy independent, small shops without the government subsidising the income of those in their employ (through welfare and food-stamp programmes that appear to be going away as well), Number One Daughter’s husband was more than willing to ascribe to the same strategy in becoming a slum-lord.
At least part of that real estate kingdom now twained to Dear Leader’s includes the management of several public housing estates housing tenants whose rent is in part or fully disbursed by government monies. This sort of corporate welfare is despicable enough, but ever the classy one, he goes one further in order to exploit those serfs unfortunate enough to have ended up in one of these complexes with litigation and intimidation should they contemplate moving out and hitting renters with escalating late fees should they fall behind a day or two on payments. Upon learning the identity of their landlord, residents were absolutely awed by the avarice demonstrated by chasing after such relatively small change and having such atrocious accommodations associated with the family enterprise.